About David Kyte

I have been helping companies generate more business for over 30 years. Many of these have been my own business.

My focus at the moment is creating Fast Draw cartoons for local businesses that rank well in Google, are compelling and have a strong call to action.

If you are a local business that needs help with Google, drop me an email.

However I am very busy.

I have worked with some blue chip companies such as

  • Rank Xerox
  • Philips
  • Inmarsat
  • University of Surry
  • BP
  • Dun and Brad Street
  • Virgin Media

I have also spoken on stage at

  • Stompernet
  • Simon Coulson
  • Daniel Wagner

I have created membership sites with Progressive Property, the Dog Listener, Karate, Glenn Armstrong, and Parelli – Horse whispering.

I have also built many small busineses.

My Google Profile